sunflowers are childs play
a friend with weed is better

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Mouse Rat - Sex Hair

Sex hair, it’s all messed up and matted.
But whoa oh you’re such a beautiful mess.

I have this playing on loop in my head and i keep wanting to sing it out loud.


Wow, check out this great photo of nothing but carpeted stairs. 

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1. Crazy
2. I’d marry you
3. I’d date you
4. Sarcastic
5. I miss you
6. I’d kiss you
7. Beautiful
8. Smart
9. Imaginative
10. Random
11. Jerk
12. Funny
13. Awesome
14. Amazing
15. Tough
16. Cute
17. I’d hit you with a bus
18. I love you
19. Weird
20. Friends forever
21. Marry me
22. You’re mine
23. I never want to lose you


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Fave Celeb Meme: Anna Kendrick Edition » 2/5 fave hair moments


Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

Go on anon and write what you like or dislike about me


once i got very drunk in a bar and my mum had to pick me up so i was trying to act normal by keeping the conversation so i asked her if shes a virgin and she looked at me with pain in her eyes and said “i wish i was”

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Anonymous wondered,
uhm, I love chocolates, anna kendrick and tatmas. (i am that can i have sex with you anon)

i like all those things too, still tough to think of a name for you but then again i have hardly slept, whats your fave chocolate? i’ll use that as your nickname :)

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vines are literally better than 77% of hollywood movies

Cinematic magic

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Go on anon and write what you like or dislike about me








Just so everyone is aware, there is a bunch of misleading info being spread around re: ALS research - the “27%” figure is based on previous years’ annual funding; furthermore, the remainder goes to improving the quality of life of those suffering from ALS. Given that the annual funding is approximately 16M, that’s just over 4M spent on decreasing their suffering. It isn’t greed, it’s a lack of money.”

Shut up already.

The ALS Association has a 4-star rating from Charity Watchdog. 

And the next time you start to complain about a charity either a) working on multiple fronts (because that’s what ALSA does—both seeking a cure and helping people suffering now) or b) daring to have administration expenses—let’s see how long you can last, much less tackle a cause, without printer paper and an internet connection. 

As someone who has watched a family member die from a neuro-degenerative disease; funding to develop better wheelchairs and bedsore creams is *just* as important as funding research to cure the disease itself…

A friend of mine posted an update from one of HER friends to FB earlier.  Her dad has ALS.  The ALS foundation came out to see if they could put in a ramp for his wheelchair, but they couldn’t afford it because of the kind of ramp he needed for the kind of house they had.

This week they called back and said hey, the thing is, we suddenly have a bunch of money, so we’re coming out to build that ramp.  And they did.  She posted pics.

So if you feel like bitching about the ice bucket challenge…reconsider.

Seriously, just about every charity does this. There are a shit ton of other things funding goes to other than JUST research. That doesn’t mean they’re sitting on a pile of cash giving themselves Christmas bonuses.

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