sunflowers are childs play
a friend with weed is better

Hailee Steinfeld in the first behind-the-scenes look at Pitch Perfect 2

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how to be smooth as hell with your crush


Lenny Kravitz - American Woman


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My attempt to draw Grace, Hannah and Mamrie.
At least I tried. But I love them. Like really…


Anna Kendrick: “John looks like my guidance counselor breaking the news that my baby bump is not from eating too much KFC. #Krasinski #DirectorExtraordinaire #TheHollars #PreggoMcgee” (

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Felicia being a total cutie (x)

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"Im in love with Brittany Snow.."

Anna Kendrick launches Burt’s Bees Hive with Heart campaign at City of Hope on March 25, 2014

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